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Conversion Clinic – Part Two: Three Call to Action Essentials

A call to action comes in many forms. It can be a short, two word hyperlink, the conclusion to a stirring argument preempted by an epic buildup or an eye-catching graphic or button. But no matter what your call to action looks like, there are certain elements that will make it more enticing, more effective and bring you more conversions. Here they are:


“Click here” are probably the two most typed words on the Internet and in most cases, they do the job. But most of the time, you can do better. Instead, try “Download now” or “Learn more” or “Create your profile” or “Start shopping.” Instead of describing the mundane physical action they’ll be doing, take it one step further and let them know what exciting event that click will set in motion.


Not only do you want people to take action, you want them to take action now. How many times have you come across something that sort of piqued your interest and maybe you even made a mental note to come back to it, but then, you ultimately never did? Many offers are like this and if you’re lucky, customers will take that next step if they happen to stumble across your site again sometime when they have the time to follow through. But most of the time, they won’t.

It’s your duty to make sure that action happens as soon as possible. Make it urgent, either by reiterating that it’s a limited time offer or simply using the word “now.”

It also helps to reassure a customer that it’ll only take a few minutes to register, or, if they truly don’t have time, remind them that they can bookmark the page, subscribe or follow you on Twitter or Facebook to keep in touch. Those last actions take literally seconds to do even if you’re browsing the web from a mobile device.


Lastly, it’s important to let customers know what they get for taking action. As rational, value-seeking human beings, we like to make sure that everything we do has a return. A call to action that says, “Get your $50 coupon now” or “Start your free trial today” or “Download your free audiobook” is far more enticing than something that asks a user to click through so they can fill out your registration form, squint at a CAPTCHA and check their email for a confirmation code. By prominently displaying the valuable item they’ll be receiving, it’s more like they are collecting what is already theirs.


Of course, there are instances where you can bend or break the conventions of a call to action. But unless you have a truly inspired idea, you’ll get more consistent results by consciously including these three essential elements into all your calls to action. By using actionable, urgent language that clearly lays out the value in taking the next step, you’ll enjoy a higher conversion rate and more return on your marketing efforts.