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Best AI SEO Tool In 2024 For Automated Blogging

Been playing with this amazing SEO tool for the last week called Speedy Brand

I used to LOVE SEO!

SEO has actually made me more money than probably anything else I’ve done, I just got tired of playing the game and fighting all of Google’s “animals” they kept releasing on me.

Back in the day, my arch enemy was Matt Cutts who tried to ward off the SEO ninjas…I can’t say all my tactics were always white hat lol. In fairness I did have hundreds of squeeky clean sites. But even many of those were nailed with the exact match domain update.

I really just stopped because it became so much work and paid traffic was so easy. The issue was, I always knew it was the best source of traffic if you knew how to play the game and be patient enough to wait it out.

I’ve received millions of visits to my sites over the years that I didn’t pay for. In fact, I still have many auto parts websites paying me out like ATM machines to this very day, and I haven’t touched them in over 10 years.

I lost the love because it became so exhausting to keep up.

The nail in the coffin was from a writer I had pulling the ol’ okey doke on me. I had him doing 10 articles a day for me for many years and in the beginning he was actually doing great.

But one day I had a feeling that something wasn’t right, I wasn’t getting any traction for months. And I decided to run a CopyScape check on the sites he was writing for (Copyscape checks plagiarism)…I think you know what happened…he’d been putting up copied content for almost 2 years (10 artciles a day!!!) that was taken right from wikipedia.

It was probably around 5,000 posts. I needed a break. I paid around $10 each for them, not bad if it wasn’t copied and pasted, but definitely a gut punch when I paid for nothing and had a wrecked empire to fix.

So I kind of tossed in the towel and I’ve rode out the sites I had left, still well over 100, and never went back to SEO.

Until now.

Why? Because this tool makes it so damn easy to do SEO again. I’m not saying every feature it has is the best on the market, but they’re all exceptional and most importantly in one place.

What I like…

– It comes up with low hanging fruit titles and topics that will easily rank and lists the ease of getting on page 1 from 0-100, 100 being the hardest. So if you want results, you just pick the topics that are closest to 0.

– It can pull these ideas from Google Trends, which allows you to ride trending topic waves and get an enormous boost of traffic of topical news subjects that are recent and not competitive, yet high traffic.

– It not only writes the entire article and makes it sound good, it will auto post to my website with a click of a button.

– It creates AI pictures for all of the articles and auto posts those to your site as well.

– It even allows you to add in your own resource links to take topics from, let’s you add CTA’s, even let’s you pick the writing tone

It honestly does several other things like helps create adwords campaigns, writes social and newsletter content that pushes traffic back to your website, but I’m just stoked on its content producing ability.

It makes article creation as easy as pie, click button! So here’s my plan and it should be yours too if you have a website worth pumping articles into…

Buy the subscription. I believe it’s $50 mth if you pay annually or $60 or so if you go monthly. After paying, you have the ability to do UNLIMITED articles, all formated with Speedy Brand’s prompts and tech that’s powered by GPT4.

Go to and find a VA for $400 (yes, that’s fulltime and yes, you can find many VA’s on that site to happily do 40 hr weeks for $100 wk. I’ve done it many times, and this job is SOOO EASY!

Put the VA in charge of running SpeedyBrand. Have them do a minimum of 25 new articles a day.

That would give you 750 articles a month to your website for $450 total investment a month. That’s $0.60 an article if you picked yourself a slow VA to handle this job…because quite honestly you could probably do 1500 articles a month, once they get the routine down…that would be $0.30 an article!

You’re probably thinking, “yeah, but does the content actually rank?”

Yes, it does, tried and tested. Google came out publically and said AI content is ok, what they don’t want is crappy content. They don’t care if it’s AI as long as it’s good. Well, SpeedyBrand actually pumps out pretty legit content imo.

Not only did Google say AI content is ok, they’re literally an investor in SpeedyBrand. SB is backed by Google Ventures and by YCombinator.

Anyhow, get SpeedyBrand, get a VA, and get ranking!

Also have your VA use the suggested link building feature to build up the websites authority. It has all the basic foundational links to help your VA easily create an authority site for you.

You don’t have to worry about how well your VA’s english is, because they’re not writing anything. They pick the easiest to rank articles and click a couple buttons. I

Have a Coke. That’s all folks!

I’ll be updating this project results in about 30 days. Bringing on a VA in next few days to take over this mission (I had to play myself before I could hand it over. It passed the test)

I’m testing it out on…yes we own that domain too lol. I wanted to use a new website that I just started working on. I did have some AI articles done on the site previously, but they were not as good and didn’t target the long hanging fruit, so very little traffic.

I’ll show my analytics screen shots when I update you guys.

At least humor me and do the 3 day test trial so you can see for yourself. Click Here To Try It!

BTW – the owner, Jatin, will be speaking at our event next week.