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The name Lance Edwards is one of few that comes to mind when people talk about investing in apartments. Money can be made in real estate; however, new investors need a good mentor. As someone who completed his first multifamily investment in 2003, Lance has spent over a decade helping to train the next generation of investors across the USA.

Apartment Investing by Lance Edwards

Retirees, couples and individual investors who want to earn passive income in the housing market often seek apartment buildings. Because these units have multiple tenants, the income potential is much greater compared to a regular parcel. Making a first transaction is a big step for anyone. Lance is a guy who has purchased well over 50 apartments.

If anyone knows this side of investing, it is Lance.

One company owned by Lance Edwards, First Cornerstone Group, is an accredited Better Business Bureau company. As a private company, the Houston Business Journal awarded First Cornerstone Group as the 13th Fastest Growing Company in 2015. Building a company with a good reputation takes experience and time.

How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments

People who do not read books are missing the big picture. What a book provides is a permanent resource to helpful information. You can always go back and re-read something you do not understand. You also get consistent encouragement from a professional.

Lance’s bestseller: “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments” is the first entry into the world of investing in multifamily properties for many people. This book details multifamily investing education to regular people getting started.

While you cannot learn everything from a single book, more people have gotten a start using Lance Edwards apartment investing information compared to some of the best real estate investing books in 2016.

Lance Edwards Gives Out Free Information

The word “guru” might have a negative meaning in real estate these days. In past years, many successful investors have achieved a ‘rock star’ status in the eyes and minds of newbie investors. While the content taught by some in the industry comes with an expensive price tag, a lot of free information is given to adults on many of Lance’s websites.

This data comes in the form of the following:

1. Bonus Reports
2. Short Reports
3. Wealth Nuggets Newsletter
4. Webinar Training

Giving out such informative and current information is rare in the properties industry. While it is not possible to make someone happy 100% of the time, Lance has done a good job. It takes training to learn about private money or third-party lending to build a housing portfolio.

Best Real Estate Courses 2016

Going to a seminar is valuable. Watching a webinar is a good way to learn. Once the basics are covered, there are advanced topics that take a little longer to master. Investors like Lance Edwards in Houston and Dallas have mastered the local area. People who invest a little bit of time and money in a real estate course and do not apply the information can be frustrated.

Accessing a free Lance Edwards real estate course in 2016 or attending an in-person seminar are excellent learning methods. Apartment investing strategies do work when the right steps are taken. Doing plenty of research and asking questions will provide a solid foundation before entering into any real estate training program online or offline.

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