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by BrianHanson

At some point, every sales funnel needs an extreme makeover. Lost sales, out of date customer contact information and products that do not convert are real issues for business owners. The Extreme Funnel Makeover 2015, part of ClickFunnels 2.0 edition, can change those negatives for business owners.

extreme funnel makeover 2015 review

Russell Brunson is one of the kings of a successful product funnel on the Internet. Few marketers have achieved his success, and knowing what he knows would boost the revenue of almost any business. With a fully updated portal, training from the man himself is what people get when signing up for the EFM system.

What ClickFunnels Version 2.0 Teaches

For newbies trying to make a first buck online, a lot of mistakes can prevent income generation. Even for a successful marketer, there are things that work and new things helping people earn consecutive monthly incomes. Which systems work the best? That is what the EFM 2015 training method teaches.

1. Funnel Hacking
2. Funnel Cloning
3. Traffic hacks
4. Instant Income
5. How to Sell Thousands of E-Books
6. Get and Retain Coaching Clients
7. Squeeze More Dollars Out of Customers

… and a lot of other useful lessons for a business owner.

Sales Secrets of Top E-Commerce Gurus

Names such as Anthony Robbins, Todd Brown, Charles Kirkland, Ryan Deiss and Eben Pagen are well-known in the marketing industry. What separates these men apart from average people is their ability to convert regular people into lifetime customers. Using almost any product or service, knowing how to “sell” to a person is only 50 percent of the process. The behind-the-scenes work that is very important is rarely witnessed by the public.

Extreme Funnel Makeover 2015 is a complete course that provides a direct path to earning income through a revised sales approach. The same path used by Russell Brunson and his super-rich friends is what is taught in the system. A person with no knowledge of how the process works will get up to speed quickly with the massive training library available once signed up.

Live Funnel Hacks Workshop

What is the best way to learn how to sell online? The answer is by attending a real-time workshop. As part of the package deal in the EFM system, all people who signup for the training get to attend the regular live Funnel Hacks workshop. This is where all elements are broken down and classified as what works and what does not. This information is always updated. It is best to know what is done right than to spend years of wasted time doing things the wrong way. Russell Brunson always has excellent training.

Personal Support for Marketers

When you pay for a high-end marketing training system, there is a lot of support provided. Instead of a generic e-mail once in a while, all students who train under Russell are treated like family. If a person is not successful, plans can be changed and new strategies can be worked out. This type of personal support usually costs thousands of dollars. While coaching is available from 6-Figure Internet Marketers, one-one-one mentorship is what can kickstart any web-based business.

How to Upsell and Automate Sales Funnels

Part of living a “lifestyle business” is learning how to automate a system. For most people, putting in 40 to 80 hours a week is typical when operating an e-commerce website. The pros of the Extreme Funnel Makeover 2015 system are all positive. It would be hard to point out any cons when going through the system. Upselling a customer with a more expensive product is how the real money online is made. Through automation and very little maintenance, a million-dollar sales platform can be built.

Signup through this link for free while enrollment is still accepted and start changing Internet revenues and living a stress-free life as a marketer.

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