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how to use google plus hangouts

By BrianHanson

How to Use Google Hangout

How to Use Google Hangout 

The social media revolution is going strong. While some use this technology for communication, some companies are using it to boost business. Google is one of the largest sources for social interaction thanks to YouTube. This company has introduced its Hangout inside the Google+ system. You can learn how to use Google Hangout to maximize business income online.

Any person who has a Google email account can create a Hangout. Merely creating a hangout is the start of what could be a powerful solution to business. This form of social media interaction is growing in thousands of visitors daily. Google now prefers placement of Google+ and Hangouts inside of its search engine. Creating virtual rooms online for multimedia interaction is the core concept of a Hangout.

Learn to Make Money with Google Hangout

As a business owner or marketer, you have access to millions of social media users online. This program we’ve discovered teaches the process for making money with Google+ online. There are plenty of methods that can be applied to a social media marketing campaign. Applying the right methods correctly is what brings in income. The good part about the virtual Hangouts is that the content published will remain active.

This helpful course now explains the inner workings of the Google platform. The early beta launch of the Google Helpouts is now included in this training. Google is expanding the amount of money that can be earned by any website owner, small business owner or entrepreneur online. The ability to teach others and market products and services is now much simpler with the right tools.

Learn Google Hangouts Moneymaking Strategies

There are now millions of people worldwide using the Google+ platform. Getting your share of the potential income is now possible. You don’t have to spend a ton of money learning from some guru. It does not take a lot of time to learn how to integrate Google Hangouts into your existing marketing. The sky is the limit with products and services marketing. Go here to sign up using this special enrollment code for immediate training.

By BrianHanson

How to Get YouTube Subscribers While You Sleep

Building a YouTube channel takes time. The problem is that some people don’t have the time.  It used to take work to build a channel to thousands of subscribers. New tools exist online like this handy tool that is able to get thousands of subscribers in a short period of time with a small investment. Learn how to get YouTube subscribers while you sleep right here online.

Never Buy Fake YouTube Subscribers

There are plenty of ads that promote services to exchange subscribers in return for a one-time investment. These fake subscriber deals are not the way that successful marketers use to get real subscribers to their channels. Using automated software provides the best ways to get legitimate people to join your channel and make comments.

Because Google owns YouTube, new algorithms have been introduced that are wiping out the old methods of building a channel. Fake YouTube subscribers, paid views and other hoax strategies are not working anymore. This awesome tool is one of the best on the market to help you get a ton of viewers regardless of your industry.

How Automated YouTube Software Works

The installation of this software can be completed swiftly. Your username and password is provided to allow the software to access the current subscribers list online. This secure tool is configured with options that you choose and your security is always protected. It’s quite simple to build thousands of YouTube visitors in a short period of time who are actual repeat visitors to your channel.

Because the software works from your own Internet connection, you can allow the software to run 24 hours a day while you build links or other traffic to your websites online. This automated process of getting signups to your YouTube channel is super cheap and really helpful. You get to control the frequency of adds and you can always deny someone from joining your channel.

Software Support and Instant Income Generation

This cool little software program comes with complete support from the developers. Any installation issue, subscriber issue or other problem is taken care of swiftly when using this program to gain YouTube subscribers to your channel. This puts you in the path of earning income from increased viewership to your channel. Your income can increase regardless of what type of product or service you’re promoting online. Get the tools to do the job the right way.

auto parts leads

By BrianHanson

Looking for Auto Parts Leads: Check Out My New Project

Looking For Auto Parts Leads?

Big things are happening in the marketing world. I’ve been asked to takeover the marketing efforts for a growing automotive parts company online. My new project is going to generate auto parts leads daily. I just started this project last month. I’m generating thousands of leads for this company. The marketing is local and national to target the most consumers.

I was hunted down by veterans in the automotive industry for this project. As many of you know, I’m a self-taught SEO expert and consult privately with top companies globally. My skills in the marketing world have lead me down a new path of helping small companies dominate their niche online.

Retail industries making the switch from offline lead marketing to online seem to have a learning curve. You can know your business very well and still have trouble trying to market it. A fresh set of experienced eyes and ears can do wonders for a project. My new experiences are expected to prove successful for automotive industry clients I now take on.

Auto Parts Industry Lead Generation

When it comes to generating leads, a lot must be considered online. A person who is searching for auto parts might be searching for several other services. It takes the right placement of marketing and content to reach these consumers. Leading people into your sales funnel is the main goal of marketing. It’s one of the hardest for companies to understand. A one-off customer is not as good as one that buys over and over again.

As I complete my new project, I’m also providing expanded services to other companies. I’ve been in front of and behind the scenes for a lot of projects. Lead generation is a process that is enjoyable for all involved. Qualified leads that don’t cost a lot of money are the best type. I’ll be making updates to announce my progress in the automotive industry online. Regardless of the lead generation type requested, anyone can use the strategies that are available.

Some of the industries I work with are:

  • Rebuilt Engines
  • Used Engines
  • New and Crate Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Transfer Cases
  • And More

By BrianHanson

Marketing Relationship Building

In the previous posts in our Anatomy of an Internet Marketing Campaign series, we discussed the main strategies for garnering traffic, backlinks and higher search engine rankings. Much time and effort is expended towards gaining customers and conversions in the first place – but what you do after the sale is nearly as important as the measures you take to get the sales in the first place. The next step of local Internet marketing is building relationships. In this way, you can multiply your marketing reach, maintain contact with past, current and potential customers and establish a loyal following. Here’s what we’ll be covering on this blog:

Building Relationships with Customers

Many local companies get a vast majority of their business from repeat customers and the Internet provides a powerful new set of tools that help facilitate meaningful, effective customer outreach. Opening the channels for two way communication between you and your customers allows you to provide better customer service, understand your customer’s needs and opinions better and most importantly, keep in touch so you can spread the word about upcoming promotions, sales and other exciting events.

Email marketing

Direct mail has been the lifeblood of many a sales-driven business and email marketing takes it to the digital level. Email marketing is not only extremely cost effective, it’s also highly actionable – all your readers have to do is open the email and then click on the links within. Delivery time is instant, meaning you can hype your upcoming web event or one day sale at a moment’s notice. Plus, there is valuable potential for analytics and performance tracking for your email marketing campaign which will help you tailor your efforts for the best return.


Newsletters are the primary medium through which most email marketing campaigns are delivered, but they can also be archived on your website to show non-subscribers what they’re missing. Newsletters are a great way to show customers what’s new with your business and what they can look forward to. Newsletters are also a great way for customers to get to know the people behind your business in a personal way.


Doing business online adds opportunity to an act as simple as confirming a purchase or sending a copy of a receipt. An autoresponder gives you a chance to not only thank your customer, but also to invite them to explore other items they may be interested in, sign up for your newsletter or follow you on Twitter of Facebook. A well-crafted email autoresponder can instantly transform one-time customers into lifelong fans.

List building

There are numerous strategies and considerations surrounding list building for targeted email campaigns. On the one hand, you want to reach the widest audience possible – but you must also comply with spam standards and be respectful of your customer’s privacy. Walking the line between aggressive list building and best ethical practices takes a bit of finesse – stay tuned for list buildings tips in future posts.

Reaching Out to the Blogosphere

Customers aren’t the only ones who you should be building relationships with. Other website owners and bloggers are your virtual neighbors on the Web and by forging strong connections with them, you can stand to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Connecting with other businesses, bloggers and publishers is an excellent way to reach new audiences and increase your visibility. There are written and unwritten rules of engagement when it comes to approaching other bloggers or online businesses in your area and industry and following them is key to the success of your outreach.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a must for building relationships with current customers as well as reaching out to new audiences. Social media marketing is a unique mix of both public and direct communication and can help introduce an approachable, responsive and human dimension to your company’s online presence.


We hope this overview of The Anatomy of an Internet Marketing Campaign has served to give you a quick snapshot of the breadth and nuance of the various strategies that go into promoting a local business online. As you can see, there are numerous bases to cover and an infinite depth in every topic – from crafting website copy to branding your Twitter page and beyond. We’ll be moving methodically through each of these integral parts of a local Internet marketing campaign – so make sure you check back often (or better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed) so you don’t miss a thing.

By BrianHanson

Off Site Marketing Strategies

In parts one and two of our Anatomy of an Internet Marketing Campaign series, we discussed the overriding principle of local Internet marketing: creating content for two audiences, humans and search engine robots and on-site search engine optimization. In part three, we’ll discuss a few key off-site marketing strategies.

There are numerous off-site marketing strategies, most of which deal with increasing your search engine rankings and garnering traffic to your website. As a local Internet marketer, we spend a lot of time acquiring backlinks – that is, links from other websites to your website. Before we move into individual strategies, it’s important that you understand the role that links play for Internet marketing and search engine rankings.

Voting with Links

In a capitalist economy, we vote with our dollars. On the Internet, we vote with links. The number, quality and relevance of incoming links your website has plays a large role in which rank a search engine assigns your page or URL. The philosophy is this: search engines want to display the sites that humans will find the most useful and relevant higher than those with incomplete or unrelated information.When a reputable website decides to link another website, the search engine takes that as an endorsement. So, if many quality websites are linking to the same site, it must mean that particular website is also a quality, useful website.

It’s a bit like if you were sitting at a table with a group of ten friends and asking the group to recommend a good mechanic. Let’s say, two of them recommend Al’s Auto Clinic, four of them recommend Bob’s Downtown Service Garage and four of them recommended Clint’s Car Care. Al’s Auto Clinic would get the lowest ranking while Bob’s and Clint’s would rank higher. But let’s say that one of the friends who plugged Bob’s happened to be a fleet manager for a local shipping company who has work done on his vehicles numerous times each month while all the people who preferred Clint’s were just normal commuters with one or two cars. The endorsement from the fleet manager would be given more weight, and thus Bob’s would outrank Clint’s.

It gets more complicated than that, too. For example, if one of the guy’s who voted for Al’s was a known liar or clearly had a bias (for instance, if he was Al himself) then that would effect the weight of his endorsement as well. Unlike in a democratic government where each individual gets an equal vote, there is an immense amount of nuance when it comes to valuing votes and there are subtle variations in the ways that search engines count those votes. All of this will be covered in future posts.

Acquiring Links

Now that we’ve established the importance of links, it’s time to get down to how one gets links.


In the 20th century, we had the Yellow Pages in the phone book – now, we have web directories. These range from specialized, niche directories such as, which only lists lawyers to more general directories such as DMOZ, the holy grail of free directories that list websites from every category. Directories can be paid, free, editorial or user reviewed and the benefits to your website vary from directory to directory. Choosing which directories to pursue listing in and how to craft your listing is a studied art and science.

Article Marketing

Content is king 0n the Web, and if your expert two cents are highly valuable, you can stand to get some high quality links. Vast article directories such as, and other sites that aggregate content from various niches offer you a chance to share your wisdom and plug your own website in the process.

Blog Marketing

Blogs are communities, news sources, water coolers, PR machines and more. The blogosphere is an ongoing conversation and bloggers have the potential to become mavens, authorities and downright celebrities. The best way to benefit from the blogging community is to add value to it – either by submitting guest blog posts, adding insightful comments or creating linkworthy content on your own blog.

Paid Link Campaigns

You can supplement your organic search marketing campaign with paid advertising, such as pay per click (PPC) campaigns and paid banners, text links and other endorsements. There are numerous opportunities where you can convert cash into links, traffic or mentions and your mileage will certainly vary depending on your site and the paid channel you choose.

Reciprocal Linking

In a world where everyone has the power to give links and everyone is desperate to get them, quid pro quo arrangements are inevitable – both formally and informally. Determining whether it’ll be beneficial or harmful for your Internet marketing offers to enter into a reciprocal linking relationship takes careful consideration.

Press Release Marketing

Both the old and new media still get their scoops from the PR wire, and as a business you can tap into the power of creating media buzz. Like directory management, there’s an art and science to crafting a press release and getting your hot news whispered into the right ears.

Forum Participation

The first online communities were bulletin boards and newsgroups, and they still exist today. Building trust within a forum, message board or other user-driven community can be a valuable part of marketing your own website. But walking the line between spammer and disinterested forum-goer takes finesse.

Local Business Reviews

Many search engines and other directory sites allow users to submit reviews and provide other information about your business. Having numerous favorable reviews and mitigating situations that may lead to negative reviews is key to your business’ online success.

Social Media Marketing

Social media, in a way, is the next evolution of blogging and is even more community oriented than blogs and forums. Volumes could be written on the topic of social media marketing for businesses – and we’ll be covering a significant portion of what might be found in said text book in later posts on this blog.

Producing Awesome Content

Getting links the old fashioned way is the highest hanging fruit on the tree – but it’s by far the juiciest. As a rule, bloggers, journalists, forum posters and social media mavens love to post high quality, provocative and useful content. If you can create high caliber content, then the traffic will come to you. It’s unequivocally ethical, immeasurably cost effective and incomparably valuable for your website. Going viral is equal parts luck, creativity and persistence. But it pays off big time.

These are just a few of the most effective and most practiced link building strategies. We’ll be going more in-depth into each of these in later posts. But next, we’ll be moving on to another important aspect of local Internet marketing: relationship building. We’ve already discussed the importance of optimizing content for readers on your website and the prudence of reaching out to readers and webmasters of other websites. The next step is to talk about how you can create lasting relationships with your past and current clients. Stay tuned!

how to use google plus hangouts
How to Use Google Hangout
auto parts leads
Looking for Auto Parts Leads: Check Out My New Project