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by BrianHanson

The best birth Doula now exists in Jacksonville, FL. This certified childbirth coach in Jax is now taking 2019 bookings. I might be biased though not just because she is excellent at her career. This smart and talented lady is also my wife!

Meet Courtney at her new website or call for a free consultation at (904) 718-1808. If you are now pregnant and are engaged in birth planning, you need a compassionate person to help you as a soon-to-be mother.

Differences Between North Florida Doulas

Newbie moms and dads can be confused when researching a prenatal professional. What is the difference between a Midwife and Doula? In general, Midwifery involves being a health care provider usually connected to your hospital of choice.

Most DOMA trained Jacksonville, Florida Doulas, like Courtney, are not obstetricians; however, a range of support services is provided. Think of it like having a helpful servant to a woman both during and after pregnancy.

Having a good labor plan will ensure that expectations are met for the mom. No one wants to have issues once labor has started. A great thing to have is an emergency plan. Doing so will ensure that if a problem happens the right medical care will be selected in advance.

If you book with Total Mom Wellness online, a good birth plan can be established.

The following questions or more can be answered:

Do you want a home, hospital or birth center birth?
What hydration course of action do you prefer?
What sort of pain relief methods do you require?
Will you breastfeed your newborn?
Do you want Placenta Encapsulation?
What exercise plan do you have after you give birth?

Apart from being an amazing birth Doula in Jacksonville, Florida, my wife is also a Certified Yoga Instructor. Losing the baby weight is an important thing for women who try to remain healthy. Separate classes can be arranged at any time for prenatal and postpartum Yoga.

Benefits of Hiring a Birth Coach in FL

Studies show that a pregnant lady can have reduced labor time when working with a local coach. Whether it is a first or series of births, a woman is less likely to require a c-section when all-natural solutions are provided.

Having a knowledgeable person to help you make informed decisions can ease the anxiety of going through a birth. A lot of ladies often prefer to use a North Florida birth coach along with their selected OB/GYN. This combination is often preferred due to the before and after care solutions.

Regardless of where you live in the city, you can book services easily online or by telephone.

As for who I think is the best birth Doula in Jacksonville, FL, I know that affordable services are now offered in and around the following communities:

Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Callahan, San Marco, Orange Park, Avondale, Arlington, Southside, Five Points, Mandarin, Westside, Mayport or someplace else!

When you call or e-mail, be sure to tell Courtney that I recommended you. Good luck on your path to being a new parent.

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