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by BrianHanson

Jacksonville has always had a strong market for buying houses. Investors get into the market every day of the year in North Florida to find the next great property. Many of my friends have already purchased, sold or rented homes around Duval County. Now I am buying houses in Jacksonville, Florida. My new venture is

Even though I am doing my personal real estate business, I am still generating thousands of leads annually for my current clients. It can be a struggle sometimes due to search engine changes or other things that try to disrupt success rates for clients. The systems that I have in place and modify regularly do work well though.

Back to the housing industry stuff …

In many cases, someone who wants to sell off an owned property might not be a regular homeowner. There are people who receive houses after a family member or relative passes away. Having an extra property in Jax to deal with is not always beneficial to someone who acquires one. There are lots of times when probate issues bring more stress into an already stressful situation.

Being a landlord and renting homes is not as easy as it might appear. People from all walks of life purchase houses in Florida in hopes of building a nest egg off of the rent payments collected. The truth is that leasing any house is a full-time responsibility. Investors hoping to unload a property or two due to time or financial constraints can be helped through my new efforts.

What it takes to buy houses in Jax …

A solid team is required to get anything done in a short time period. Everyone from lenders and attorneys to people scouting houses work in tandem to reach a goal. It is never as easy as just whipping on some cash and taking over a distressed house. A two-bedroom or larger home might need repairs or brought up to code.

In the past, I have owned turnkey properties that were professionally managed by a third-party company. In reality though, some things are just easier performed by yourself. Things are moving forward at a fast pace with no signs of slowing down. Even though the purchase of a house that will be rented or sold is a big challenge, it is exciting to enjoy the ride.

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